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Slimo @slimo_the_slimey

Hi! Im slimo.

Im an 19 yo trans male, taken and French!

My main fursonas are Slimo and Chakal! Slimo is a yellow Slimeus and chakal is a mix between and a coyote and a husky typed dog! (Dunno if that makes any sense but eh)

+Add on, JACKO entered the main Fursonas!

I like vaporwave, cottagecore, weirdcore and vividcore aesthetics!

Im a big fan of video games, mostly horror games and retro games!

I love nearly all types of music! But I gotta admit I love the kind of musics where you get your ears destroyed with the bass (I forgot the exact word)

I may be subject to weird behaviors such as randomness in my acts, spacing out or biting my thumb. That can drive me away from drawing pretty quickly to be honest.

Anyways, hope yall have a good time on visiting my profile!

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